Twitter Influencer Kit

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Twitter API

This project was built as a submission to a code bounty created by @BalajiS. The goal was to create a tool to help influencers connect with their followers, track analytics, and more. My submission was built together with @DeveloperHarris and was split into 3 parts - a CLI, desktop app, and web app. Out of the three, the CLI was the most refined; with the desktop app mostly being an interface build using VueJS + Electron. CLI Features: - Strong focus on locally stored information, no data stored online giving the user full control. - Intuitive and visually appealing CLI menu, allowing anyone to use it - Config file that stores Twitter API app keys allowing for a quick startup - Local SQLite database creating a seamless setup process - Ability to view all total followers and download or "sync" the information locally. - Automatically handles API rate limits allowing a person to run once and forget - Export all downloaded follower information to CSV, with the option to only pick selected columns if preferred. - DM all followers w/ message preview and confirmation - DM test user w/ message preview and confirmation - Message parsing through handlebars.js allowing {id}, {screen_name}, {followers}, {friends} and other data to be used in messages for personalization - Reset config and followers database quickly through dedicated command